Estate Planning Program

The Estate Planning Benefit Program offered by ULTRA educates families on how to avoid the probate courts, conservatorship, and other traps put in place by the government. This comprehensive estate planning program includes the following legal documents:

REVOCABLE LIVING TRUSTThis document creates the entity to which you transfer ownership of your assets and also contains your instructions for managing your assets during your lifetime and for their distribution upon your death.  ELIMINATE probate and optimize estate tax law.

POUR OVER WILLAlso known as a Last Will and Testament, this document states that if any assets left out, or not transferred to your Revocable Living Trust during your lifetime will become part of (poured over into) your Revocable Living Trust upon your passing. If married, documents are included for both Husband and Wife.

FINANCIAL DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEYOutlines and gives a person of your choice authority to manage your financial affairs if you are unable to do so. If married, the documents are included for both Husband and Wife.

ADVANCE HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVEAlso referred to as Health Care Durable Power of Attorney, this document outlines and give a person or persons of your choice authority to make decisions about your health care if you are unable to do so. If married, documents are included for both Husband and Wife.

DIRECTIVE TO PHYSICIANSImportant document outlining your wishes about continued life support care. If married, documents will be included for both Husband and Wife.

COMMUNITY PROPERTY AGREEMENTFor a married couple, this document clarifies who owns what at the time the trust document is established and establishes property available for full step-up basis. (Community Property States Only)

FUNDING DOCUMENTS (3)Trust Transfer Deeds necessary to properly transfer ownership of your real property to you Revocable Living Trust. These documents create the legal assignment of your property from you as individual or married persons, to you as Trustee(s) of your Revocable Living Trust.

ESTATE SETTLEMENTAll documents and services required to transfer the assets to the beneficiary(ies), state and federal paperwork filings, financial counsel provided to successor trustees and beneficiary(ies).

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ULTRA Advisors are bonded and insured Legal Document Assistants and can assist you only in the completion, filing, and service of forms under your direction. ULTRA advisors are not attorneys and cannot lawfully provide legal advice or opinion.