Estate Settlement Program

Upon the death of the Settlor(s) trust administration is required by the designated Successor Trustee(s) to carry out the terms of the Revocable Living Trust.

If you are enrolled in the ULTRA Estate Settlement Program, an ULTRA Advisor will work with your Trustee and Beneficiary(ies) to assist them in filing death claims, liquidating trust assets if necessary, and distributing the estate to the trust beneficiaries.

The services included in the program include but are not limited to real property documents, tax preservation for qualified real property transfers from parent to child or grandparent to grandchild, establishing a Tax ID number with the IRS for the trust estate, and the notice to beneficiaries which is required by law.

The last taxes are filed by the Trustee on behalf of the deceased individual as well as the revocable living trust by a tax professional for an additional fee charged by the CPA/tax professional independent from ULTRA Estate Planning.

ULTRA Advisors are bonded and insured Legal Document Assistants and can assist you only in the completion, filing, and service of forms under your direction. ULTRA advisors are not attorneys and cannot lawfully provide legal advice or opinion.