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* Eliminate Risk From Your Retirement Savings - Guarantee your principal and interest
* Revocable Living Trust - Document creation and amendments
* Funding The Trust - Transferring your assets into your trust
* Prepaid Estate Settlement - Helps avoid costly mistakes and delays 
* Pension Maximization - Earn benefits now and continue benefits for future generations
* Protecting Your Family  - With the right amount of life insurance
ULTRA has developed a one-of-a-kind, proprietary system to shelter assets from a Medi-Cal spend-down and the overwhelming costs of nursing home expenses

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Avoid Probate with an ULTRA Living Trust

If you own property or have children, it's crucial to have a revocable living trust.

ULTRA's Estate Planning Benefit Program teaches families how to avoid probate courts, conservatorship, and other government-imposed traps.

With a revocable living trust, you can transfer asset ownership and provide instructions for their management and distribution upon your death, while also eliminating probate and optimizing estate tax law.

ULTRA has been helping union members plan for their retirement and safeguard their loved ones since 1993.