Elder Abuse can take on different forms such as Financial, Emotional and Physical and research finds as much as 10% of seniors over 60 years of age have experience some form of abuse.  With brain conditions such as Alz and Dementia there is evidence to support even as much as 30% of these patients being abused psychological and physically by their caregivers.

Part of the problem is the occupation of personal caregiver is the second fastest growing industry in the united states, and very little regulation leaves many unqualified and or unscrupulous workers unchecked.

Family members are often out of town and are at the mercy of the caregivers intentions which can be a formula for fraud and elder abuse as these workers are typically underpaid and may be looking for a way to enrich themselves with the patient's financial resources.

Ultra Estate Plannings state bar certified Elder Law attorneys can help in the event your loved one is preyed upon by unscrupulous care givers, substandard nursing homes, rogue family members or even financial institutions that take advantage of their trusted position and overcharge the estate.  

Damages from these cases can run into the millions and Ultras attorneys will be able to assess your families chances of success in the California courts. All upfront costs associated with your case are covered by Ultras Elder Law attorney.

If your family member has been subject to elder abuse or if you suspect a caregiver, nursing home or financial institution of elder abuse call Ultra Estate Planning at 1800-280-0663