To fellow Firefighters: it is with pleasure that I write this letter to recommend Don Gascoigne and Union Legal Trust. As a firefighter, husband, and father, the present and future welfare of my family are foremost on my mind. I have personally known Don for over 20 years. So when I needed to update our family trust, will, living wills, etc. I unhesitatingly went to Don and Union Legal Trust.

Don and his staff were very knowledgeable, open to questions, always prepared and professional, and very pleasant to work with. He and his staff took time to explain everything in very easy to understand terms. The documents were drawn up and completed within 30 days.

I would urge all members to strongly consider a Family Trust; it is never too early to obtain one. Union Legal Trust’s fees for services are very fair and I highly recommend Don Gascoigne and Union Legal Trust for your next Family Trust.