First to identify myself, my name is Donald Weber, as a member of Local 104 for 46 years with uninterrupted membership in the International for 64 years and now serve as Sec. / Tres. of the Sheet Metal Retirees Club of Northern California. I also serve as the Secretary of San Francisco FORUM. In other words I have been around the Metal Business a long time and am not “over the hill yet”.

Secondly, I became aquaninted with Donald Gascoigne because of my close association with the Sec/Tres of the San Francisco Labor Council, Walter Johnson and other influential labor leaders at the council and FORUM, all of whom had a high regard for Union Legal. Many of these same leadershave opted to take advantage of Union Legal in their own unions. I to have done th esame for SMW local 104 and our Retiree club. President Bruce Word and Sec./ Tres. Joe Maraccini of the local were impressed enough to allow descriptive literature and application forms from Union Legal to be mailed out to all of our retired members in number 2000 strong. This is something that the leaders of SMW 104 seldom allow to happen.

The response to this mailing was far beyond the usual in this type of solicitation. I have received call after call requesting added information whereby most of the callers, after a visit from Don Gascoigne, chose to take advantage of the service offered by Union Legal. As yet I have not witnessed one dissatisfied customer. And I too have become one of the well pleased customers of Union Legal.

Don Gascoigne has visited my home on three separate occasions, revising my Revocable Living Trust, giving me advise on how to shelter funds in case of catastrophic illness etc. Furthermore the price is right as confirmed by all the participation members. I truly believe that if Don Gascoinge is allowed access to your membership, they too will be equally pleased with the service.