Retirement Savings Planning and
Eliminating Risk

After years of accumulation, it is prudent to eliminate risk from your retirement savings so you do not have to go back to work or lower your standard of living if there is a market collapse. Experts agree it is important to establish a Self-Directed IRA in order to control the amount of risk in your portfolio.

How can you protect your Retirement Savings?

ULTRA Advisors will customize a plan that fits your retirement goals and assist you in the process to transfer your retirement account with your employer (401k, 401a, 403b) tax-free, to a Self-Directed IRA and eliminate risk from your retirement savings.

Here are some key factors to our Retirement Savings Planning...

Tax Deferred

Requesting a rollover of your employer or union retirement account (401k, 401a, 403b) is a non-taxable event. You will not incur any tax ramifications for transferring your retirement account to a Self-Directed IRA.

No Risk, No Management Fees

Insurance products including the Fixed Indexed Annuity are recommended to protect your retirement savings from market risk while still participating in some of the gain. ULTRA Advisors utilize the best rated insurance products available to retirees in order to meet your goals in retirement.

Guaranteed Principal & Interest Accounts

After many years of accumulation, it is prudent to remove market risk from your account. Rolling over the funds to an account that guarantees your principal and interest allows you to see the account increase in value.

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