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Pension Maximization - Leave a tax-free benefit to your spouse/heirs.
Retirement Savings Planning - Eliminate market risk and protect your Retirement Annuity with a Guaranteed Principal and Interest Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
Estate Planning Documents - Protect your assets and family from Probate and Conservatorship Courts with a Revocable Living Trust and Power of Attorney Documents
Life Insurance - Learn what kind of life insurance is right for your family in order to provide a temporary estate for your loved ones
Medi-Cal Qualification - Utilize ULTRA's one-of-a-kind, proprietary system to shelter assets from a Medi-Cal spend-down and the overwhelming costs of nursing home expenses.

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If you own property and/or have children, it's crucial to have a Revocable Living Trust.

ULTRA's experienced team can guide you through the process of creating a Revocable Living Trust that will allow your estate to avoid Probate Courts and appoint individuals of your choosing in control of your assets.

This important legal document is the cornerstone of any estate plan and allows YOU to have complete control over how your assets are managed and distributed upon your passing .

Take advantage of the resources offered by ULTRA in order protect your estate and loved ones. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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ULTRA Estate Planning has been serving union members and their families for 30 years by providing estate and retirement planning solutions to ensure a worry-free retirement.

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Living Trusts
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Living Trusts
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